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10 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You'll Want to Copy


10 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You'll Want to Copy

August 26, 2019

Coordinating your backsplash with the rest of your kitchen is Interior Design 101. Ideally, some of the colors or textures in your counters or cabinetry should shine through in your backsplash to create a cohesive space.

There are so many backsplash designs to choose from that the options may feel overwhelming. But fear not - the experts at HomePro Match have rounded up ten of our favorite backsplash styles and backsplash ideas to fuel your inspiration!

  1. Dynamic Brick Backsplash

    Trusty brick is a timeless architectural classic - why not use it inside of your home? Brick backsplash pairs well with both dark and light kitchens. You can complement your brick with Danish kitchen furniture for a modern space. You could also whitewash the brick and pair it with gray countertops for farmhouse vibes.

  2. Harmonious Herringbone

  3. Herringbone backsplash is one of the most popular options for today's kitchens because it works well in any space.

    With so many styles and size variations, herringbone backsplash is versatile enough to pair perfectly with even the loudest countertops and cabinetry.

  4. Magnificent Murals

  5. Some homeowners like to make every room in their house a work of art. What better way to make this true than to add a mural backsplash in your kitchen? Ceramic tiles can be painted with semi-gloss or matte paint to create a totally custom backsplash. This is a great way to incorporate all of the colors and elements you want, but can't find in tiles on the market!

    Some of our favorite mural ideas include:

    • Animals and sea creatures
    • Flowers, herbs, and other botanicals
    • Farmscapes and seascapes, as seen in these coastal kitchens
    • A personal image dear to your heart

  6. Slate & Stone Backsplashes

    Slate and stone backsplashes are super customizable and create a natural, one-of-a-kind area. We love the look of classic gray stone backsplash and natural wood cabinetry. Another show-stopping pair is cherry-wood cabinetry with a warm-toned slate backsplash. Which slate do you prefer?

  7. Picturesque Windows

    While windows aren't technically backsplash, what could be a better backdrop for meal prep and family dinners than a peek into your landscaped backyard? Windows behind your sink, appliances, or countertops not only create an idyllic kitchen flooded with natural light, but also make it easier to keep an eye on any pets or children soaking up the sun outside.

  8. Pressed Tin Tiles

  9. Pressed tin tiles, while vintage by nature, are making a major comeback in the modern design world! Tin tiles make a great addition to a kitchen ceiling and we're now seeing them incorporated into kitchen backsplashes more often. Create a totally unique space with a pressed tin tile backsplash.

  10. Whimsical Wallpaper

    As you know, wallpaper is back in a big way. Adding wallpaper as a kitchen backsplash alternative creates a totally fresh look that your neighbors will want to copy ASAP. Temporary wallpapers offer even more opportunity for customization, as you can swap them out whenever you please. We love the way this designer coordinated her toile wallpaper with bright cabinetry and sunny windows. Designs by Sarah Wittenbraker; Photo by Mia Baxter Smail

  11. Practical Pegboard

  12. Designs by Joanne Palmisano, Photos by Susan Teare

    Fully functional without compromising on style, a pegboard backsplash offers a creative, cost-effective alternative to common ceramic backsplash styles.

    Like the look but unsure how to implement it? An expert at HomePro Match can help with measurements and installation.

    Wondering what to hang on your pegboard once it's installed?

    • Copper pots and pans
    • Wooden utensils
    • Hanging vines and greenery
    • Photos, magnets and trinkets

  13. A 3-D Twist on Subway Tile

    Subway tile is a staple in modern-day kitchens - it has earned a cult following based on how easy it is to clean and how well it blends with any style. 3D subway tiles take a fresh approach, adding an element of texture to the classic tiles we all know and love.

  14. Full Marble Slab

Photograph by Alyssa Rosenheck

Behold, a backsplash so glamorous you'll want to install it tomorrow. The uncut marble slab backsplash definitely requires professional sourcing and installation prior to completing your kitchen design, but the results are absolutely stunning.

We love it paired with colorful cabinetry and gold hardware. We especially love the waterfall effect of matching backsplash and countertop marble.

Contact a kitchen remodeling contractor today!

Selecting the perfect backsplash for your home can seem like a daunting task, but HomePro Match can recommend a local contractor who can help with kitchen remodeling, including backsplash installation.

For more information on remodeling options, contact a HomePro Match remodeling contractor today!

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