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Basement Flooring

The right basement flooring options create a comfortable, attractive basement

If you want to finish your basement, it’s crucial to pick the right basement flooring. Not choosing the right option can cause moisture and cold air to come in from the concrete below, making your floor cold, uncomfortable, and even moldy.

Choose from a wide range of basement flooring options

Luckily, there are several basement flooring options that work well in this damp environment:

  • Inorganic flooring: This is a broad category referring to a wide range of specially engineered products that look like flooring options, such as wood and carpet. However, these look-alikes are made of inorganic materials that are mildew and mold resistant. This makes them reliable even in a damp basement setting.
  • Floating floors: One way to install more traditional flooring is by using floating floors. These are floors that don’t need to rest directly on the subfloor, allowing a moisture barrier to be installed in between. This helps protect them from moisture that might come from the basement floor. However, problems with the installation or moisture barrier can easily lead to serious issues, since the materials on top are often not water-resistant themselves.
  • Ceramic tile: This basement flooring option is water-resistant if glazed, making it another solid option. It is also durable and can be customized with a wide range of style and color options.
  • Epoxy: If you are looking to improve your basement, but don’t want actual basement finishing, then epoxy flooring might work for you. This flooring option is easy to install and highly water & bacteria resistant. This flooring type however, lays right on top of the concrete, so your floors will still be hard & cold.
  • Rubber flooring: This flooring option comes in sheets and tiles which can interlock and come in a variety of colors. Rubber flooring won’t absorb water and is a popular option for basement playrooms.

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