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Plumbing Installation

A brief history of plumbing

In the days before modern plumbing systems, there were ancient inventions--pipes formed of baked clay and straw, with the first copper piping being invented by the ancient Egyptians. The most impressive of these ancient plumbing systems was by far that of the Romans, with their huge aqueducts and lead piping that distributed water around the city.

Until the 1600’s, plumbing wasn’t really a functional concept in most of Europe, with people utilizing chamber pots, or privvys--little more than a hole to sit over that fell down to a waterway of some sort. Then in the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First, the first flushable toilet was invented, and the innovations kept on coming.

In the modern age, we now have all the luxury and convenience that our ancestors could ever dream of, all within the confines of our walls and bathrooms. With groundbreaking inventions such as backflow prevention systems, and drain-waste-venting systems that improve basic health and safety in modern times.

Why it’s best to go with a professional plumber

When building a new home or experiencing troubles with an existing plumbing system in your home or business, it’s always best to reach out to the professionals. A plumbing system is a complex and delicate maze of piping, valves, and joints that need to be cared for by a trained professional to avoid potentially devastating water and sewage damage to your home, business, or belongings.

A licensed professional will be able to help you with issues both big and small, allowing you the peace of mind that a leak has been properly patched, or an appliance has been well installed and won’t cause you problems in the future.

If you’re looking for a plumbing professional for your home or business, the experts here at HomePro Match are just a call or click away!

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