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Hybrid Water Heater Installation & Replacement

Hot water, an everyday luxury

In the modern age, there are a million and one choices to make, and pieces of information to consider, before making nearly any decision in our lives. This is especially true in regards to the systems and appliances that are put into place in our homes, the things we invest in for a higher standard of living for not only ourselves but our loved ones as well. A very important investment, whether you’re moving into a new home or wanting to upgrade your existing one, is money spent on your water--most importantly, your water heater system.

What’s so great about a Hybrid Water Heater?

Since the invention of the first-ever water heater in the late 1800s, innovations have kept coming. Now, outside of the traditional gas-powered water heater, there are a wide variety of options, based on fuel, size, and style. Thanks to these innovations, we now have the Hybrid Water Heater.

The Hybrid Water Heater is very much what it sounds like--a hybrid of tankless and traditional electric type water heaters to provide an energy-efficient, cost-effective water heater that can be adjusted to one’s unique needs for water usage. The benefits of these systems are hard to understate, as the unit is often lauded for its help in lowering energy bills over time, the rapid heating of water on demand, and its low maintenance needs. Overshadowing all these other benefits, a Hybrid Water Heater will last up to 15 years when properly maintained, meaning that homeowners won’t have to stress about replacement for a long time, or ever again if they choose to sell the home.

If a Hybrid Water Heater sounds like the right choice for your home and family, HomePro Match can match you with a trusted contractor for an installation or replacement.

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