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Trim Painting & Staining

How trim styles have changed over the years

As time goes on and styles change, many homeowners go through renovation periods to update the look and feel of their home. In some cases, homeowners start by picking up their paintbrushes to get a more modern feel in their home. Not only are homeowners painting their walls, but also the trim around them.

Many older homes have trim with a more rustic, wood look to them. Some newer homes may have wood trim that has never been painted or stained before. Those who still love this rustic-look, but want to add some pop to their trim, may choose to stain it. Others who want a more clean, fresh look will go with painting their trim white. Whatever your preference may be, there are many steps involved which may be best left to a professional paint contractor.

What’s the difference between painting and staining your trim?

  • Paint- is the act of covering and coating your trim. Paint does not seep into the surface you are painting over, therefore you can completely cover the trim and give it a different look and color!
  • Stain- is the act of coloring your wood. Unlike paint which covers surfaces completely, stain seeps into the surface, offering a more refurbished, natural look.

Achieve crisp, flawless-looking trim with professional paint contractors

Whether you are painting or staining your trim, there are a few steps to complete before going in with your paintbrush. The process first includes sanding down the trim to smooth out unwanted bumps and imperfections. After cleaning up the sand and dust left by the sander, you must tape the walls and floors around your trim to ensure clean, even lines. If you are painting your trim, the next step is usually to apply primer, then going in with the actual paint. If you are staining your wood trim, you can usually go straight in with the stain.

Compared to your average paint job, painting trim can be very difficult and usually requires a very delicate hand. If you’re looking to have your trim professionally painted or stained, contact your local painting expert today!

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