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Outdoor Kitchens: The Perfect Gathering Space for Quarantine

In the midst of the season of quarantining, we find ourselves at home more often than not this summer. Where we would normally be attending cook outs, beach parties, and spending time with friends at restaurants or bars, we have to find other activities to fill the time.

Here at HomeProMatch, we like to promote families being together, especially during these hard times. For many of us, that can be difficult, as there aren't a lot of spaces that are safe to gather in, and as a result we become more isolated. To combat this, we'd like to propose the idea of an Outdoor Kitchen.

What is An Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor Kitchen Grill

Outdoor Kitchens are pretty much exactly what they sound like, a fully functional outdoor space to cook and gather with friends and family. These setups can range in size and serve different functions, based on your needs, preferences and hobbies.

If you're an avid cook, or griller, you can install a full cooking area, complete with spice racks, storage, cook tops, ovens, sinks, even dishwashers, and ample counter space.

If you're more interested in a backyard bar set up, you can accomplish that too! Add in a bar, and fridge, a tap if you're feeling fancy, and some seating and create a private space, specially designed just for you, to relax with family and friends after a long day.

These spaces are wonderful for entertainment and togetherness during these difficult times, allowing family and friends to be close without being at risk.

Create a custom space all your own

With outdoor kitchens, you have all the freedom that your budget allows. This means that whatever style you prefer, you can create that escape in your very own backyard. With the pick of various materials, appliances, landscaping and additions to make your outdoor kitchen your favorite place to be, it may just be the perfect summer project.

You can go your own route for design, or follow a classic aesthetic. With so many to choose from, there are virtually no limits to what you can create. For example:

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen
  • Rustic Outdoor Kitchen--With some natural, rough cut stone, and rich colored wood for accents, maybe even a separate firepit and seating area to gather around, you can create a wonderful entertainment area for the whole family.
    Tuscan Outdoor Kitchen
  • Tuscan Eatery--Using terracotta and stucco, along with some trellises and climbing plants, a well placed pizza oven and a comfortable place to relax and eat, your backyard could become the new hot spot for dinner!
    Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Kitchen
  • Mid-Century Modern--This distinctive design style evokes a sense of timelessness, a perfect blend between modern architecture and nature. Utilizing sharp angles and cool natural colors, along with rich hardwoods can create a stunning outdoor space.
    Lush Outdoor Kitchen
  • Lush Luxury--If you're more a fan of the feel of the outdoors, a plant wall, or a spaced patio of paver stones, surrounded by trees and plant beds can create a calming atmosphere to enjoy your free time in. With the addition of a fire pit or even outdoor fireplace, it could be the new favorite spot for the whole family.
    Relaxing Outdoor Kitchen
  • Relaxation Station--Some homeowners choose to focus more on an outdoor bar station rather than a fully functional kitchen space. With the addition of a water feature, some warm lighting and maybe even a projector screen, which is once again rising in popularity, you could create the perfect escape, right in your backyard.

With so many materials and color palettes to work with, the options are truly limitless.

Outdoor Kitchens vs Grills

If you truly enjoy cooking and grilling outside, there are many ways to incorporate a classic grilling station into an outdoor kitchen--but it's hard to deny the upgrades that can come with a composed space for outdoor cooking and eating.

Many homeowners have grills, able to be wheeled out for the nice weather, or stored under a tarp on a back porch or patio. Lawn furniture can be brought out in the summer and people can gather to eat and talk.

With a fully furnished and functional outdoor kitchen space, you can incorporate islands or built in seating, perhaps even under some sort of roof or covering to keep the space usable for more of the year, even in wet weather.

The difference between the simple grilling set up and an outdoor kitchen is all about comfort and efficiency. In an outdoor kitchen, everything you need can be stored outside, so you don't have to make a dozen trips, or balance plates as you maneuver around to the eating area. It's a more composed, attractive and functional way to spend time outdoors with friends and family.

Finding a Contractor

It's always recommended that when you're thinking of starting a new project, that you find someone who works only in the area you're looking into, or at least someone who specializes in that service.

Here at HomeProMatch, we like to make it easy for you to find the perfect company to work with. That's why we have trusted companies all across the nation, located right here in an easily accessible space.

If you think that an Outdoor Kitchen could be the perfect summer project to bring you and your loved ones closer together, reach out and get started today!

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