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What Should I Do With An Unwanted Hot Tub?

Junk Removal

What Should I Do With An Unwanted Hot Tub?

December 4, 2023

Do you own a hot tub that you no longer want? Maybe it was there when you purchased the home - or maybe your desire to use and maintain a hot tub has faded through the years. Whatever your reasoning for no longer wanting the hot tub, you have options, whether or not it is in working order. You can either have the hot tub removed from your property or you can repurpose it through upcycling.


If you have an old hot tub, then it is taking up valuable real estate on your property and you probably want to bid it farewell. Whether to sell it, give it away, or dispose of it is another decision altogether. But, however it happens, the hot tub needs to go!

  • Rehome

    If your hot tub still functions and is in good condition, you can sell it or gift it to someone else. Set up a post about the available hot tub on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or another similar platform asking those who are interested to pick it up at their own cost, saving you the hassle of coordinating transport.

    You can also check with hot tub dealers and repair shops in your area to see if they need spare parts - they might be willing to collect the hot tub.

  • Disassemble & Dispose

    With time, determination, and lots of gusto, you can tackle this potential solution yourself. Hot tubs are made of extremely durable materials, so a few simple swings of a sledgehammer probably won't cut it. Instead, you need to systematically disassemble and break down the hot tub into easily-transportable pieces for the landfill.

    Tools like a reciprocating saw will be needed.

  • Call a Junk Hauler

    If the hot tub is out of order or you don't have the time to dispose of it on your own, then professional junk haulers are just a call away. Their job is to make the removal process easy for you. Before they come, you may need to disconnect any electrical or waterlines. But requirements may vary by location and company, so it is best to confirm what is expected of you prior to the pickup date.

    Some junk hauling companies also go beyond basic haul-away standards and provide more eco-friendly services, donating as much as they can and recycling what is left.

Alternatives to Removal

If you have an interest in landscape architecture, then you may be interested in upcycling your old hot tub rather than disposing of it.

  • Convert Into a Pond

    Water features are a wonderful addition to gardens and they can provide a habitat for plants and wildlife. By converting your old hot tub into a pond, you can bring new life and beauty to your property.
    • Determine where you want the pond to reside, dig out a hole, and immerse the hot tub.
    • If you prefer to have the pond above ground, add visual appeal by constructing a rock wall around the tub. A local masonry company can assist with this portion of the project.
    • Then, add a liner over the interior of the tub, covering the jets to prevent algae buildup, and fill with water.
    • Visit a local garden shop for water plants, or call in a landscaper for help.

    *Be sure to include appropriate safety measures to prevent children from falling into the pond.

  • Create a Garden

    Raised beds are a great way to create garden space. So, another option for your unwanted hot tub is to turn it into a raised garden bed!
    raised garden bed
    • Drill holes into the bottom and sides for drainage, then fill the tub with soil. Yes, that's a heck of a lot of dirt, so feel free to fill up the bottom of the hot tub with rocks, wood, or other natural materials that won't harm the value of the soil.
    • Add soil over the filler materials then get to work planting.
    • If the hot tub is not embedded in decking already, you can add your choice of lovely landscaping such as ornamental grass, tall wildflowers, shrubs, or construct a paneled wood surround.

Get Started

Whether you're disposing of your hot tub or giving it new life through upcycling, HomePro Match can help! We have junk hauling companies who can promptly remove the hot tub on your behalf and landscapers who can help you "hide" your unwanted hot tub within your property's landscaping. Take back your treasured real estate and deal with your unwanted hot tub today!

For more information on junk removal options, contact a HomePro Match junk removal contractor today!

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