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Radiant Heating Installation & Replacement

Enjoy efficient and clean heat with a radiant heating system installation or replacement

Radiant heating is a specific type of heat that radiates heat from a specific heat source rather than blowing heated air around the home like a furnace. Radiators are true to their name, generally associated with radiant heating systems, but not all radiant heating systems use radiators. While the advantages and disadvantages will differ based on the specific system being used, radiant heating is usually quite efficient. For example, radiant heating is better for people with allergies and respiratory ailments, since it doesn’t distribute dust, mold, and other contaminants throughout the home.

Common types of radiant heating

  • Baseboard heating: This heating option generally runs on either electricity or hot water. In both cases, the heated air or hot water runs through baseboards located in each room and radiates the heat outwards.
  • Radiators: With this classic heating option, hot water or steam is run through the coils of the radiators which radiate the heat outwards, warming the room. Radiators are similar to hot water baseboards and are often part of a boiler system.
  • Radiant floor heating: With this heating option, cables or tubing are run beneath the floor and produce heat, which then radiates upwards, providing even heat throughout the room. When cables are used, the heat is produced by electricity while tubes indicate a hydronic system that uses hot water.
  • Infrared heaters: This portable heating option uses infrared light, like the light produced by the sun, to produce heat. This is generally used to heat up a specific room and is not a whole house heating solution.
  • Wood & pellet stoves: While stove heating might seem like a solution from a hundred years ago, recent advances have actually made wood and pellet stoves more efficient than ever before. Still, these systems are usually used to complement a more central heating system rather than as a standalone solution.

If you’re looking to add some type of radiant heating system to your home, your local HVAC expert can properly install a system in your home.

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