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Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Enjoy energy efficient heating & cooling with a heat pump installation

Looking for an energy efficient heating and cooling option? If so, a heat pump might be what you need! A heat pump works by taking heat from outside the home and transferring it inside during the winter, then doing the opposite in the summertime. This lets the heat pump work as both a heater in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer.

While this flexibility is a very attractive option, it’s important to note that heat pumps are somewhat dependent on the temperatures outside your home. This means that heat pumps work very well in moderate climates, but are not always practical if you live in an area with more extreme temperatures. If you are in an area with moderate climate though, a heat pump offers a lot of advantages.

Advantages of Heat Pumps

  • Low Maintenance: Because heat pumps mainly transfer heat, they don’t require as much maintenance as other combustion heating systems. With that said, it is a good idea to inspect your system once a year and have a professional take a look every three to five years.
  • Low Operating Costs: While not necessarily more affordable to install (especially if you go geothermal), heat pumps are very inexpensive to run since they primarily transfer heat rather than burn fuel or electricity.
  • Energy Efficient: One other advantage that comes from the unique nature of a heat pump is the energy efficiency. Heat pumps are far more energy efficient than combustion systems, which helps contribute to their low operating costs
  • Quiet: While this is a small advantage, the quiet nature of a heat pump can make it more pleasant to have in a home than a noisy furnace or boiler.

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