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Ductless/Mini-Split AC Installation & Replacement

Keep your home cool affordably with ductless mini split AC installation

Central air conditioning is often considered the best option for cooling your home. After all, central air conditioning can consistently deliver even temperatures throughout the home. However, central air conditioning is not the best option for every home. Central air requires that you have enough space in your home for the extensive duct work required. If you don’t already have duct work, then installing central air can be quite tricky and expensive.

So what can you do in these cases? Ductless mini split ac installation might be just what you need. A ductless mini split is a type of air conditioner that uses an individual fan and evaporator for each room. This makes ductless mini splits relatively easy to install in homes where the extensive duct work required by central air simply isn’t practical. Ductless mini splits also have some other advantages over traditional air conditioning systems like central air.

Benefits of ductless mini split AC installation

  • Customizability: While central air might allow for even temperatures throughout your home, ductless mini splits allow you to customize temperatures for each individual room separately since each room often has its own evaporator and fan.
  • Noise: Ductless mini splits are quieter than most other air conditioning systems, including central air.
  • Energy efficiency: Not only are ductless mini splits energy efficient on their own, you can completely turn off units that aren’t needed to save even more money.
  • Size: The small size of mini splits make them unobtrusive and lets them be installed in almost any home.

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