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Central Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Keep your home cool with central air conditioning repair & service

Central air conditioners are highly effective at keeping your home cool and require very little maintenance, but like all mechanical appliances they can still fail. If your central air conditioner is broken or acting odd, don’t wait for the problem to potentially get worse, ontact your central air conditioning repair expert immediately.

Common types of air conditioning damage

  • Low refrigerant: Your central air conditioner uses refrigerant to remove heat from your home, so if the refrigerant is low, this could be the source of your issue. However, low refrigerant is rarely something you can fix yourself by simply adding more. Most refrigerant issues are due to leaks, so it’s vital you have an experienced contractor check for leaks first.
  • Frozen or corroded evaporator coils: These coils are filled with refrigerant and are responsible for absorbing the heat from your air, however they can corrode over time. Additionally, issues with the airflow in your central air conditioning system could cause the coils to get too cold, ironically, leading to a layer of ice that prevents them from properly absorbing heat.
  • Dirty condenser coils: This part of the system is responsible for removing the heat from your home and is generally located outside. Unfortunately, this means the condenser coils can get dirty over time. The more dirt and grime, the less effective they will be.
  • Broken fans: There are two key fans in your central air conditioner, one to blow indoor air over the evaporator coil (for cooling) and one to blow air over the condenser (to expel heat). These fans are key to the effectiveness of your system and issues with either can threaten the integrity of your system. In fact, untreated problems with your fans can lead to poor air flow and eventual compressor failure, which will make your central air conditioner effectively unsalvageable.

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