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How To Spot Foundation Issues Around Your Home

Foundation Repair

How To Spot Foundation Issues Around Your Home

March 9, 2021
Professional Foundation Repair!

Keeping an eye on your foundation can help to prevent serious and costly issues from becoming unmanagable.

A foundation is essential for the structural stability of any building. When issues arise with a home's foundation, the effect may not be overtly obvious at first. To avoid a small issue becoming unmanageable, it's always a good idea to do routine checks around the home for evidence of settlement such as foundation cracks and crumbling foundation material to know when to call for professional foundation repair.

Five Common Places To Check For Foundation Issues

While a damaged foundation can have many odd effects on the structure, there are several common areas that a homeowner can check for signs of foundation issues.

  1. Around The Outside--Around the exterior of the home, a small bit of foundation is usually visible, unless otherwise covered with landscaping or decking. This small bit of exposed foundation can sometimes be found to have cracks and gaps in the material that could indicate a structural issue. Even small foundation cracks should be looked into by a foundation repair professional.
  2. In The Basement--The basement is the area of the home where you'll have the most access to the foundation. Keep your eyes peeled for bowing walls, and visible cracks and gaps--but even if you don't see them, watch out for water. If there's water intrusion through the foundation, there could be a crack or gap within the material that can't be easily seen that's allowing the moisture access to the space. Over time, these small issues will become worse, and necessitate far more than simple foundation repair procedures, such as bowing wall repair, concrete leveling or even partial to complete foundation replacement.
  3. The Chimney--A home's chimney is usually somewhere in the range of 6 to 7 tons in weight. Due to this, the chimney stack is built upon a secondary foundation to distribute weight more evenly. When a home's foundation begins to shift, sink or settle, the structure itself will begin to lean away from the masonry, revealing a gap between them. This indicates that the home's foundation is damaged in some way and a foundation repair contractor should be contacted immediately.
  4. The Walls and Ceilings--Early signs of foundation damage can manifest themselves in various ways, but a common one is cracks around the ceilings, doorways and windows. As the foundation shifts, the walls and floors situated above, also move, causing fractures along walling material. This is a good indication that there's an issue with the home's structural stability, and you should seek foundation repair.
  5. The Floors--When a home's foundation has started to shift, sag or deteriorate, the change will be reflected in the floors. Floors in homes in need of foundation repair will be uneven and potentially warped from excess humidity from below. If the floors are spongy, twisted or unlevel, it's best to reach out to a professional foundation repair contractor to fix the underlying issue before trying to replace the flooring.

Finding a Foundation Repair Contractor

Issues with the foundation can be stressful. It's an integral part of the home's structure, one that decides upon the buildings ability to shelter those who live within it. With an unstable, damaged or deteriorating foundation, a home is no longer safe to live in. With that in mind, it's essential to reach out to a professional foundation repair contractor at the first sign of damage to the foundation.

Here at HomePro Match, we understand the stress of maintaining a safe and healthy home, and we're here to help. Reach out today to a foundation repair company near you!

For more information on foundation repair options, contact a HomePro Match foundation repair contractor today!

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