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Stained Concrete Floor Installation & Repair

Why stained concrete floors are a great home floor option

Stained concrete has been gaining popularity in recent years as an affordable, durable and elegant flooring option that is also easy to clean and maintain. Professionally stained concrete can add a splash of color and luster to your floors or create luxurious rooms by combining magnificent designs and patterns. Both old and new concrete can be stained with great results.

There are however differences in the types of stains and treatments that can be applied to concrete floors.

  • Polished concrete floor- This process involves grinding the concrete slab until the desired luster is achieved. The polished concrete floor becomes less porous than regular concrete and it is quite durable.
  • Acid-stained concrete floor- It is a translucent type of stain that, once applied, changes the color and appearance of the slab. Because it is translucent, it will not hide well old stains and scratches already present in the concrete; nor will it level or smooth rugged slabs. Coats of sealant are often applied over acid-stained concrete
  • Acrylic-stained concrete- Although sold as stain, acrylic stains are actually paint. They are not translucent, therefore they can hide old stains better than the acid stain. The problem is that they tend to bubble and peel over time, so professionals usually don’t recommend them.
  • Epoxy-stained concrete- Epoxy stains and coatings are extremely durable, provide excellent luster and ease to maintain. They will last for many years, even in high traffic areas in commercial buildings. Epoxy staining and coating will also do something that other types of stains won’t do. It will level and smooth out rugged concrete slabs, filling gaps and voids. Epoxy-stained floors are impervious to water and stain-resistant.

If you’re looking to have stained concrete floor installed in your home, only hire a trusted flooring professional. They will be able to walk you through the installation process along with the different stains and treatments available to best fit your needs.

Stained concrete floor maintenance & repair

Stained concrete can be well maintained with regular sweeping and mopping. Spills in acid stained and polished concrete should be dealt with right away, while the epoxy floor is virtually waterproof. Repairing stained concrete floors can include anything from fixing concrete cracks to rising sinking slabs, from buffing and resealing the surface, to full slab replacement. Whatever the case make sure you have it dealt with by an experienced stained concrete floor repair or a concrete repair specialist.

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