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The Right Flooring For Each Room


The Right Flooring For Each Room

September 10, 2019

When it comes to having a beautiful, valuable home, pristine flooring can make all the difference. But even the most promising flooring material can breakdown in the wrong conditions.Keep reading to learn which flooring materials can withstand exposure to water, high foot traffic, and other factors that take place inside the home.

Kitchen Flooring

Since the kitchen is one of the busiest areas of the home -- in terms of beauty and functionality - determining the absolute best flooring for this space can get complicated. Not only is the kitchen a high-traffic area, but your floors may also face scratching from chairs, water damage, and food stains.

According to Joan Muratore, Consumer Reports' lead test engineer for flooring, porcelain tile offers the most resistance against scratching, water damage, stains, and denting. This flooring also comes in a wide range of colors and styles, which can fit any kitchen aesthetic. For both of these reasons, porcelain tile is the smartest choice for the kitchen.

Bathroom & Laundry Room Flooring

While you may not spend all your time in the bathroom and laundry room, these areas of the home are vitally important. You rely on these spaces to properly take care of your family's cleanliness and health. So, if your flooring is damaged by a leak, grows mold, attracts pests, or produces other harmful indoor contaminants, then this can be potentially dangerous for your family and lead to other costly issues.

According to Maine architect, John Cole, who was also featured on Consumer Reports, porcelain tile wins again. Due to its high resistance to damage and water, this flooring type makes the most sense for preserving the cleanliness of your
bathroom or laundry room.

Bedroom Flooring

When it comes to choosing the best flooring for your bedroom, you'll want something that will match the decor, feel comfortable on your feet, and last a lifetime. If you're choosing flooring for a kid's room, then you'll need flooring that will match their level of activity.

Carpeting is still a bedroom-favorite among homeowners and it is clear to see why. Carpeting is very comfortable on the feet, can mask loud noises, is a great insulator, and is also very affordable.

But, carpeting isn't the best option for children or those with chronic health issues. Not only does carpeting easily stain, but it also doesn't clean very well. This flooring type also traps allergens and off-gasses chemicals, making it very harmful for those with allergies or other upper respiratory issues.

If choosing bedroom flooring that can withstand damage from children or provide a healthier option for those with health issues, hardwood may be your best bet. With the right maintenance, your wood floors will look pristine for years. Plus, you can add an area rug for added comfort and protection.

Living Room

The living room is an inviting place for relaxation, entertaining, and other recreational activities. So, you'll want a flooring type that will endure kids' playtime and make a statement to guests.

Home Stratosphere analyzed over 246,930 living rooms and found that hardwood flooring is by far the most popular by
nearly 73 percent. Wood flooring is an easy way to significantly boost your home's resale value. It also comes in a wide range of styles, shades, and patterns, helping you control the budget and aesthetic of your space. With the right ongoing maintenance, you can maintain these floors for some time. A downside of wood flooring is it can be expensive to install and requires constant finishing.

At 10.19 percent, carpeting was the second most popular choice among homeowners. While carpeting can easily stain and attract mold from long-term water exposure, this flooring type comes in a
wide range of textures, styles, and colors, making it highly adaptable and attractive in any space.

Also, with the right upkeep, which involves regular shampooing and vacuuming, you could avoid these nasty side-effects, creating a comfy and stylish addition to your living room.

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