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Hardwood Floor Installation & Replacement

Nothing replaces the classic beauty and charm of hardwood floors. Once overlooked by homeowners in favor of more modern flooring options, they recently regained their popularity due to the different wood grains, cuts, patterns, colors, and finishes, along with their durability and relative ease to clean and maintain. Hardwood floors tend to add value to the property and have been one of the preferred features by home buyers.

Hardwood floor colors and stains

Hardwood floors are now available in a variety of colors and stains. Among the most popular are:

  • Dark stained wood
  • Natural, honey or blonde wood
  • Grey hardwood
  • White or bleached wood
  • Mixed wood colors

Floor finishes

When choosing the best floor finishing method, homeowners should consider factors such as product odor, VOC emissions, drying time between coats, curing time, water and stain resistance, durability and luster. Floor finish options include:

  • High gloss – not suitable for homes. It shows scratches and needs constant maintenance to look good.
  • Satin finish – less glossy while providing some luster.
  • Matte finish – less luster but displays fewer scratches and highlights the texture and beauty of the wood grain.

Wood textures

Textured wood has become popular in recent years because it gives the wood some character. Popular textures include:

  • Distressed wood floors
  • Hand-scraped wood
  • Wire brushed wood
  • Reclaimed wood flooring

Type and size of wood

Hardwood floors in older homes used to be made with long, wide planks. As wood became more scarce, planks became smaller and thinner. Today, customers can find pre-finished planks ranging in width, thickness, and length. Can’t find the exact size you are looking for? Consider unfinished, custom milled, cut to size planks. Unlike pre-finished options, the custom milled planks will have to be finished after installation.

The layout or pattern

Thanks to the availability of so many colors, sizes, finishes and textures of hardwood floors, homeowners can get creative when it comes to design and patterns as well. Common patterns include straight, random, diagonal, parquet and herringbone but the possibilities are endless. With a bit of creativity and an experienced hardwood floor installation contractor, homeowners can turn their hardwood floors into masterpieces!

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