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Benefits of Routine Floor Cleaning


Benefits of Routine Floor Cleaning

April 23, 2019

Why clean floors matter?

When considering the overall impression your property makes, flooring is one of the most important features. Clean, well-maintained floors are a sign that your home is safe, pristine, and valuable. But how do clean floors impact the wellbeing of your family and the longevity of the flooring itself?

Sanitizing Germs

Have you gone blue in the face telling your children not to walk around the house barefoot? Every time their bare feet, toys, food, and other possessions touch the floor, they are at risk for all kinds of germs, which is especially prevalent during cold and flu season.

According to studies by Clemson University of South Carolina in 2007 and Aston University of Birmingham, England in 2014, they found both E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, or Staph aureus can contaminate food when dropped on the floor. They also learned that tile, wood, and laminate flooring transfers more bacteria than carpeting.

Cleaning floors regularly can help sanitize them and prevent common transfers of bacteria to families.

Reducing Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

Other dirty floor issues that can exacerbate your family's health is pollen, dust mites, insects, pet hair, and mold spores, which collect on the surface of your floor. If there are members of your household with allergy, asthma, or other upper respiratory issues, then you want to create the safest, cleanest air for them possible.

Regular floor cleaning can prevent allergy symptoms, which according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology are identified as:

  • Runny & stuffy nose
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing & wheezing
  • Fevers
  • Skin irritation
  • Nausea

Floor Longevity

If you follow the appropriate cleaning ritual for your floor type, then regular maintenance can reduce unsightly scratches, staining, and degradation. This will also assure floors that look pristine years after installation.

Floor cleaning by type:

  • Tile: Clean with a traditional mopping system but avoid acidic floor cleaners. You should also scrub the grout with an all-purpose cleaner.
    Also, be sure to reseal grout annually to protect it from moisture, dirt, grease, or oil penetration.
  • Wood: Unless your wood floor is treated with a polyurethane coating, you should never use water to mop these floors. Instead, you should dust or wipe using a soft mop.
    You could also polish floors with the appropriate polishing material.
    Wood specific cleaners are also encouraged, as to guarantee a deep, long-lasting sheen.
  • Ceramic: For ceramic flooring, you can mop using a mild or neutral cleaner. You should also regularly clean grout. Be sure to regularly seal grout to prevent fading.
  • Laminate: While laminate promises long-lasting sheen, it is very important to keep water from penetrating the tiles. Regular cleaning with a dry mop or a vacuum on tile mode is best. If needed, you can clean with a damp mop or a wet Swiffer.
    Even if your laminate flooring resembles wood, you should never polish them.
  • Linoleum: Since linoleum flooring is composed of mostly natural materials, it is best to use a mixture of hot water and dishwasher detergent in a small spray bottle. To apply the solution, just spray small amounts on various sections of the floor, then wipe using a dry, microfiber mop.
    The solution should air dry quickly. If it instead turns sticky, wipe the solution again with a damp microfiber mop or towel.
  • Carpet: With a carpet, you should vacuum regularly and remove any stains or residue with an extraction cleaner, making sure to follow any additional steps as outlined in the directions.
    As the solution dries, it will crystalize on the surface, releasing any residues from carpet fibers. After about 20 minutes, those crystals can be vacuumed out. Once the carpet completely dries, it will be ready to use again.

Professional flooring services

We all lead busy lives, so if floor cleaning does not fit into your busy schedule, our professionals can help. Whether you need routine maintenance or a onetime deep clean, our contractors are here for you.

Is your flooring outdated or damaged beyond repair? No amount of cleaning can account for flooring that needs to be upgraded.

Luckily, our contractors can also inspect and recommend the right flooring materials to create the beautiful, secure, and valuable home of your dreams!

For more information on flooring options, contact a HomePro Match flooring contractor today!

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