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Crawl Space Pump Out Service

What should you do when your Crawl Space floods?

When disaster strikes and the crawl space floods, a pump is usually the only feasible option to remove the water as quickly as possible. If left unattended, even a small amount of standing water can wreak unforetold havoc on the structure of the home, not to mention the health of everyone residing above.

There are, of course, other ways to extract water from the crawl space. For a small amount of water, a shop-vac, otherwise known as a wet-vac, can be employed. A shop-vac, however, entails constant emptying of the vacuum, can be hard to reach certain areas, and, of course, there is the risk of the vacuum clogging with sediment. A high powered pump and professional help are all around the best solution to ensure a job well done.

What types of crawl space pumps are there?

There are two types of these high powered pumps: submersible pumps and surface pumps. The difference is fairly obvious, as one can be placed in the water and one must sit out of reach of the water to function properly.

  • Submersible Pump: something like a paver or stand of some sort will be placed to prevent any debris from clogging up the machine.
  • Surface Pump: a hose will be lowered into the lowest part of the crawl space and another will run from the main body of the pump, out and away from the home to the lowest part of the property. With this method, a shop-vac is usually employed at the end to make sure that all the water has been sucked out.

Regardless of what pump is being used, the lowest point of the crawl space must first be located to ensure that all the water can successfully be pumped out of the space.

When all that is over, it is recommended that a dehumidifier be placed in the crawl space to eliminate the lingering dampness, and to dry out wooden supports. Luckily, there are dehumidifiers that are designed specifically for the job of drying out basements and crawl spaces.

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