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What Fireplace Should I Choose For My Home?

Chimney Repair

What Fireplace Should I Choose For My Home?

December 28, 2020

Fireplaces have been part of our homes for millions of years, and continue to be a fixture in modern homes.

Fireplaces are an ancient and enduring feature of many homes around the world. The beauty of a fireplace is undeniable--a source of warmth, a place to gather with friends and family, and a beautiful centerpiece for everyone to enjoy.

Since humanity discovered how to use fire, we've had a fireplace, or some version of it, at the center of the home. Now, though our main sources of heat are through HVAC systems,hot water, and modern methods of cooking appliances, the fireplace still holds a special place in the home.

Fireplace vs Chimney: What's the difference?

Chimney stacks

While we have had fireplaces in one form or another for thousands of years, we haven't always had chimneys. The chimney is the interior chute that extends from the fireplace, up and out of the roofline. This chamber funnels the smoke, soot and potentially harmful combustion byproducts up and away from living spaces, allowing the heat from the fire to warm the room, but keeping it from filling with smoke.

Fireplaces: the Hearth of the Home

The fireplace as we know it today evolved from essentially an open fire pit in the center of the home. These days, there are many incarnations of the classic fireplace. With many different options for fuel such as:

  • Electric
  • Natural Gas
  • Ethanol
  • Propane
  • Wood

You should choose your preferred fuel type based on a variety of factors, like current home fuel, budget and sustainability. With the global focus on creating a greener planet, it's a popular decision to choose more eco-friendly fuels, like a fully sealed wood burning stove; which traps most of the combustion byproducts that are harmful to the environment.

Unleash your Inner Interior Designer

Modern Designed Fireplace

The concepts of fireplace aesthetic and home design have evolved and expanded widley. Whatever your personal style, your home can reflect it, all the way down to the fireplace, chimney and chimney topper.

  • Farmhouse--Characterized by classic red brick, natural wood and soft neutral colors, this style evokes a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Often this look can be elevated by simple, vintage fireplace accessories such as bellows or fireplace tools.
  • Modern--Clean lines, smooth materials like marble and metal, lots of contrast and minimalist decor are the hallmarks of the modern style.
  • Vintage or Antique--Ornate carved mantel pieces, or unique vintage wood stoves inset into the fireplace can be used to create a feeling of old world charm and opulence.
  • Mid-Century Modern--Sleek silhouettes and open space make the mid-century modern style an enduring one.
  • Minimalist--If you're one for clean simplicity, then the sharp angles and contrasts mixed with sparse design elements could be just the look for you.
  • Scandanivain--This style is known for its simplicity, with soft neutral colors and sleek decoration, and usually a shaggy rug or two to snuggle down by the fire with.
  • Contemporary--The contemporary design includes some of the more impactful design movements of the 20th century, including modernist and minimalist design, emphasising sleek lines, contrast, and defined shapes.
  • Architectural--This type of design can encompass many styles, and allude to different eras, designs, and styles. Highly designed, or reduced to their most basic function of flames to warm a room, a fireplace in the architectural style is an exercise in creativity.
  • And more

Finding a Chimney and Fireplace Contractor

Masonry Contractor

When thinking of redesigning or replacing your fireplace, you should first and foremost reach out to a trusted chimney and fireplace contractor. While a fireplace and chimney aren't necessarily structural, they can do some serious damage if they collapse. Having a professional guide you through the design, tear down, and new installation is always the best choice.

That's why the experts here at HomePro Match have gathered your local professionals into one easy to navigate website. Reach out today, and get started designing the fireplace of your dreams!

For more information on chimney repair options, contact a HomePro Match chimney repair contractor today!

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