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Junk Removal Articles

Keepin' Busy - How To Organize & Clean Your Home When Social Distancing

The HomePro Match team rounds up some of our favorite home organization tips!...

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5 Piano Removal Faqs

Do you need to get rid of your piano, but not sure how to get started? That's understandable. Pianos can be bulky, heavy, and altogether awkward to move on your own, nevermind to dispose of or recycle. And sure, while there might be piano movers in your area, they may not offer the disposal-type services you need. Check out these five commonly asked questions about piano removal: What information do I need before contacting a piano removal company? Before you call a local piano re...

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What Should I Do With An Unwanted Hot Tub?

Do you own a hot tub that you no longer want? Maybe it was there when you purchased the home - or maybe your desire to use and maintain a hot tub has faded through the years. Whatever your reasoning for no longer wanting the hot tub, you have options, whether or not it is in working order. You can either have the hot tub removed from your property or you can repurpose it through upcycling. RemovalIf you have an old hot tub, then it is taking up valuable real estate on your property and you prob...

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