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Heating & Air Conditioning Articles

What Should The Humidity Be In A House With Air Conditioning?

Keep your home moisture-free all year long, especially during summer when you're air conditioning is on more than usual. Learn how to find the correct humidity levels and ways to protect your home from any moldy smells! No matter what type of air conditioning you have, moisture can appear. However, the tips and tricks found in this blog can help the moisture stay away!...

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What Are Heat Pumps And Should I Invest In One?

Unsatisfied with the current HVAC system installed in your home? It may be time to try something like a heat pump! Heat pumps offer many benefits to those who install them, plus, you have various options to choose from!...

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Sealing Hvac Ducts From The Inside With Aeroseal

Unsure if your home needs Duct Sealing? HomeProMatch has put together this article of tips to help you know if your duct system is in need of Aeroseal to keep your homes energy bills affordable!...

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How To Keep Your Cool

There are many ways to beat the heat, but which is best for you and your budget? Let HomeProMatch and our many Energy Efficiency Contractors help you get started today!...

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How Ductwork Affects Room Temperatures

If your duct work isn't properly sealed, your hard-earned money could be seeping out of the cracks in your home! HomeProMatch and our expert HVAC Contractors can help, learn how, and get in touch today!...

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4 Deficiencies In Ductwork & How To Fix Them

Concerned that there could be faults in your homes ductwork? Here are 4 of the most common problems associated with your homes ductwork, compiled by HomeProMatch....

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Understanding The Stack Effect

Maybe you've heard the term "convection" but thought it only had to do with your oven. HomeProMatch can help you spot the signs of a little something known as "The Stack Effect"....

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Air Conditioning & Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air inside your home is extremely important to health and comfort year round. HomeProMatch can help ensure that you and your family stay healthy with our HVAC professionals....

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Air Conditioning: The Problem With Ducts In The Attic

There are a few reasons why placing duct work in the attic is counter-productive to maintaining a comfortable environment in your home, learn all about it with the experts here at HomeProMatch!...

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