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Basement Waterproofing Articles

Wet Basements And Their Effect On House Value

In a slow housing market, such as the one we've suffered through during the past five or six years, sellers should be proactive about making wet basement repairs - or risk losing thousands of dollars when they sell their house. That's the message from Realtors like Barbara Snyder, an agent for Coldwell Banker in Newtown, Conn."Any kind of water issue will make people turn and run - even if it's just a little puddle off in the corner. I'm shocked at how fearful people are," she says.If you're pla...

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6 Reasons To Install New Basement Windows

Why replace my basement windows?Despite their small size, these windows can play a surprisingly large role in your home's comfort, energy efficiency and curb appeal. Everyone knows about the benefits of replacement windows. If you've got old wood windows with peeling paint, or windows that are difficult to operate or allow chilly air into the house in the winter, replacement windows can make life a lot easier. Most replacement windows are maintenance-free, thanks to vinyl or clad construction t...

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How Humidity Affects You (Hint: A Lot More Than You'd Guess!)

High humidity on a hot summer day makes us feel warmer than what the thermometer reads. In fact, when the temperature reaches 90° F. and the relative humidity (RH) is 80%, it feels like 117 degrees F! This happens because high humidity slows evaporation from the skin and doesn't allow the body to cool naturally. The same temperature with an RH of 40% feels like 85° F. By lowering the relative humidity inside your home, it's possible to improve comfort without relying on air conditioning (or at l...

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Summer Humidity & Basement Moisture-Control

How to beat the heat in your wet basementThe summer sun is on its way and that is enough to warm anyone's heart. But as the temperatures outside increases, so too does basement humidity - this could be disastrous for your wet basement. Sure, basement flooding can occur year-round, but there is nothing like summer humidity to really cause issues in your below-grade space. The Summer & Your Wet Basement On a typical, hot summer day of 80 degrees, outdoor humidity is about 65 percent. Whe...

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What Caused My Basement Flood?

Four Common Causes of Basement Flooding Basements are prone to water leaks and moisture buildup, which can result in inevitable basement flooding. In addition to creating a leaky, unstable foundation, more severe problems like mold and insect infestation may occur. What caused my basement flood? Leaky plumbing: A broken supply hose for your washing machine, a problem with your water heater or water tank, burst or a leaking pipe could very well lead to a serious, yet common basement f...

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