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Basement Window Installation & Replacement

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New Basement Window Install

Spending time and money on basement window installation & replacement has been largely overlooked in favor of new windows in the main living area of the house. This is due to the fact that this is where we tend to do most of our day to day activities. Unless your basement is finished, your windows aren’t really thought about until there’s an issue.

If you’re experiencing drafts through the windows when they’re closed, condensation buildup between the panes, difficulty opening and closing the windows, and/or start noticing rust, wood rot or peeling paint on the frames, you’re due for a replacement.

If you have a finished basement, you may want to invest slightly more into replacement windows. There are many types of windows to choose from, even energy-efficient options. Although there is no standard window size, there are some rather common sizes, and most will be made custom for your window opening.

You must also decide on the window frame material. Most original basement windows in older homes are wooden, but this is not the best choice for damp spaces. It’s recommended to use window frames made from non-organic materials, which won’t rot or rust when exposed to the humidity of the basement and the climate outside. Vinyl window frames, for instance, are the most popular choice for this application.

For more information on basement window installation & replacement, contact your local window contractor today.

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