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Benefits of Installing an Awning


Benefits of Installing an Awning

May 24, 2019

Since awnings add beauty, value, and versatility to your backyard space, these fixtures offer so many practical and economical home benefits They also come in a wide range of materials and styles, so you can choose an awning that matches your needs functionally, economically, and aesthetically.

See how an outdoor awning can improve your home by contacting a HomePro Match contractor today!

Better Comfort & Protection

What if you could enjoy your outdoor space, rain or shine? With an outdoor awning, you can do just that. An awning offers protection against harsh weather and UV rays, keeping your outdoor space both comfortable and dry. In fact, the shade your awning provides can cool down your patio by about 20 degrees!

A covered and shaded outdoor space also prolongs the lifespan of your outdoor furniture, which can breakdown when exposed to rain and sunlight.

Increased Home Value & Curb Appeal

With some added outdoor protection, you can increase your home's living space, which further boosts your home's curb appeal and value. Also, as awnings come in a wide range of materials and styles, you can design a system that matches your home's unique style, creating a functional outdoor space that is as worry-free as it is beautiful.

Types of awnings:

  • Fabric awnings
  • Fiberglass awnings
  • Metal awnings
  • Vinyl awnings
  • Motorized awnings
  • Portable awnings
  • Stationary awnings
  • Retractable awnings
  • Patio awnings
  • Deck awnings

Why stop at an outdoor awning? By matching door and window awnings to your outdoor fixture, you can maximize your home's energy efficiency, beauty, and value!

Boosts energy-efficiency

By installing an outdoor awning, you can dramatically reduce your cooling costs by about 25 percent, as these fixtures protect your home from UV rays by blocking sunlight from penetrating the home. This keeps your home cooler, helping you to better regulate temperatures without overworking your AC system.

If installing a retractable awning, you will have year-round control of your home's climate, as retracting the awning in the winter will allow the sun to warm the home and opening the awning in the summer will block warm UV rays.

For additional energy-efficiency, window and door awnings can offer extra UV protection.

Start Your Awning Installation Project Today!

If you are interested in effectively boosting your home's versatility, beauty, energy-efficiency, and value, then contact a pre-screened awning contractor on HomePro Match today.

Our professionals can assess your home and recommend awnings based on your unique style, price point, and needs!

For more information on awnings options, contact a HomePro Match awnings contractor today!

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